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Friday, 6 June 2008

Reality check, Mr Vadney!

Well, the Vadney has finally got around to responding to my reports on his defamation trial. It took several weeks, and, as usual, he offers nothing concrete.

In fact, the only comment he has made so far about the trial has been that he someone called Terry there who was pretending to be a trainee court reporter, but that he wasn't sucked in. Well, if he wanted anyone to believe that, he shouldn't have left it so long. Obviously, he was totally fooled at the time, and only recognized her picture later.1

Somehow, the Vadney seems to have forgotten to mention that he totally lost his suit: the court found that, despite his several days of drivel, he had failed to make a case against the remaining defendant, Mr Luckacovic. The so-called case against the other three defendants, Ms Ross, Mr Bleezarde and Mr Bleezarde's publishing company, didn't even make it to trial, summary judgment having been made in favour of the defendants because of the obvious lack of merit of the Vadney's suit.

As the Vadney's “defamation” suit was dismissed, he has no business referring, as he does (see his blog entry for 23/04/2008), to “the 2005 defamations”. He lost the suit; so there was no defamation. Referring to “defamation” in relation to the facts on which that suit relied is therefore itself defamatory, and quite possibly in contempt of court.

Then we have the following classic:
John Luckacovic's attorney was served with notice that if Horne appeared anywhere in the vicinity or on US soil law enforcement authorities would be requested to immediately arrest him and anyone aiding or abetting his escape would be made accountable for obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a suspect of criminal conduct.

Yes, How-Old, maybe you really do think that the law enforcement services are going to comb the countryside in the hope of arresting someone “suspect[ed by you] of [unspecified] criminal conduct”, on your say-so. But if you have such delusions of grandeur, you would do better to hide them: with a bit of luck, there might be some people left who are unaware of your mental condition.

A few more home truths for the Vadney

  • Your fraudulent claims to be a Fellow of the RSA and a Member of the IoL, and to hold MA and PhD degrees, as well as your laughable attempts to pass yourself off as a physician, are recorded for posterity all over cyberspace: you have (reluctantly) removed them from your CV and web pages, but you can't cover up your dishonesty.

  • Neither the Swiss nor the French police force is looking for me. Nobody gives a rat's arse about you and your ratbag allegations.

  • I am not wanted in Indonesia, and have not committed any serious crime there. Writing the truth about a lowlife like you in another country never was a crime there (and just why did you take such pains to say that truth was not a defence against criminal libel charges in Indonesia, I wonder?). There was a criminal libel law, but it quite explicitly confined its protection to the president and the government, and was unsurprisingly struck down by the constitutional court a month before you started threatening me with it.

  • Nor for that matter are the Mounties or the US Border Patrol, the FBI, the CIA, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Space Patrol, U.N.C.L.E. (remember that show, anyone?) or any other law enforcement agency looking for my colleague Mr Horne. Such organizations are used to receiving bizarre reports from even more bizarre people, and have a special, cylindrical filing system for them (in IT terms, a write-only memory).

  • There is no such tort as conspiracy. Even if there were, it wouldn't help you. Hasn't it sunk in yet that people work against you because you are a contemptible piece of shit and you bring it on yourself, not because of some imaginary “conspiracy”?

Shocking discovery!

And now for the really shocking news: one of my correspondents claims to have uncovered evidence that the Vadney once actually told the truth! This is so implausible that I'm not posting it until I can confirm the details independently.


1 It was a couple of years ago that I first saw that picture of a rather overweight woman in a shower cubicle, so tastefully used in the Vadney's posting of 17/05/2008, while Googling for a German expression. It appeared in a site called www.uglypeople.com. I'd like to know whether Vadney got permsission from uglypeople.com, and whether he gave something back by submitting his own portrait.


Scott Horne said...

Hi, Richard,

I just got back from Filthadelphia, Pennsylvania. I assure you that the US immigration authorities in Filthy were well aware of my presence. Far from arresting me for the various "crimes" alleged by Mr Vadney, they wished me a pleasant trip.

After pompously threatening to depose me in Montréal and (before that) to compel my appearance in court in connexion with his insane (and--it bears repeating--whoppingly unsuccessful) lawsuit making multi-million-dollar claims for alleged "defamation", Mr Vadney reportedly went apoplectic when informed that I might indeed be called as a witness by the defence. It is said that he attempted to stop me from appearing (as if the court would yield to that request).

Mr Vadney's recent reference to "defamations" is itself defamatory, for the court found the defendants innocent of "defamations". Mr Vadney continues to dig his hole deeper.

Richard D. Benham said...

Welcome back (to the blog, at least)!

I am reminded of WC Fields's alleged epitaph (“On balance, I would rather be in Philadelphia”).

I have made many border crossings since the Vadney started his absurd campaign of bragging about how he had notified the border authorities of your/my “criminal activities” and we could expect to be arrested next time we tried to cross the border.

Apparently the Vadney's attempts to stop you appearing also included threatening to...have you arrested. For what, one wonders.

I hope to publish some excerpts from the court judgments against Vadney soon, and with luck from a couple of rare documents where he told the truth, although perhaps unintentionally.

Scott Horne said...

Then there's the one about the man whose girlfriend told him to kiss her where it stinks. He took her to Philadelphia....

Since last autumn, when Mr Vadney started sending me messages threatening trouble at border crossings, I have entered ... let's see ... no fewer than fourteen countries on four continents. Noöne at any point of entry has said anything to me about "criminal activities".

Richard D. Benham said...

Hmmmm. There is a similar joke about Köln and Mainz, but it'll keep.

I have entered only 6 countries on 2 continents since Vadney started his absurd posturings on the subject. But I daresay I have made a few more actual border crossings, as I commute between France and Switzerland, and previously travelled regularly between Indonesia and Singapore.

The Vadney would have more credibility if he shut the fuck up rather than continually spouting empty threats.

Scott Horne said...

His troubles are entirely of his own making. Why doesn't he see that?

Richard D. Benham said...

None so blind as those who will not see, I suppose.

If Mr Vadney spent as much time and effort on something constructive, rather than vain puffery, ludicrous posturing, preposterous lawsuits and even more hopeless attempts to get himself elected, he might actually have achieved something in life by now.

As it is, he is a pathetic figure, nearing the end of an empty petty and wasted life. A complete laughing stock. It's impossible to feel sorry for him, because, as you say, he brings his problems on himself.

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