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Sunday, 8 February 2009

A minor curiosity...

The other day I received an email apparently emanating from the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of New Baltimore, NY, population three-and-a-half thousand. I have never set foot in New York state, and would probably not have heard of the town if not for the egregiously disreputable activities of one of its most justly reviled residents, recently an aspirant to the Roman Catholic diaconate. So I might well have wondered why the Town Clerk of this bustling metropolis, a Ms Janet Brooks, would want to write to me. I might have, but I didn’t: it was obvious to me straight away that the said wannabe deacon, wannabe judge, wannabe consumer advocate and wannabe translator was behind it.

Here is the full text of the email (telephone number masked):
Can you be reached at 08 xxxxxxxx?

Thank you

No name, no signature, no suggestion of a reason for wanting to contact me by telephone. Nothing. Now how stupid does Mr Wannabe think I am? More to the point: How stupid is Mr Wannabe? But it gets funnier. Out of curiosity, I made as if to reply, just to see what the return email address was. Any guesses? Would you believe <hvadney@mhcable.com>? You couldn’t get much more inept an attempt at email forgery than that! (For the record, here are a few things he could have done differently, without any additional technical knowledge: choose a more plausible alleged sender, write a more plausible email giving some reason why the alleged sender wants to contact me, set up a freemail address that looks as though it might belong to the alleged sender and is not obviously connected with the real sender....)

The telephone number was that of my parents in Adelaide, without the country code. This guy seems determined to prove that I am still living at my parents’ house, thirty years after I moved out (it was November 1976, in fact), even though he knows it isn’t true.

There was another dead giveaway. According to the header, the email was addressed to two recipients. One was my normal email address, for which email from the wannabe Ralph Nader’s address is filtered; the other was to the address given at the top of this blog (<Richard_Benham_AU-StopVadneysLies[at]yahoo.com>), which I have instructed Mr Wannabe to use if he feels he absolutely must contact me. Of course, I only received one copy, and that was the one addressed to the “StopVadneysLies” address.

On the subject of consumer advocacy: I thought the whole idea was to make a fuss about other people’s being hard done by!



Richard D. Benham said...

So, you are receiving my e-mails, after all? Thanks for the confirmation! That's all I wanted to establish.

I received this comment from Mr Wannabe himself. I am not publishing it under his name, as that would allow him to delete it at will.

The situation remains as before: emails originating from the cretin’s address and addressed to my normal email address will be delivered as spam, whereas those that are addressed to the special-purpose stopvadneyslies account (see above) will be delivered to a dedicated folder appropriately called SCUM. So, in this regard, the dipshit has established nothing that I had not already announced publicly. (I have never guaranteed that I will actually read the emails delivered to my SCUM folder....)

What the fuckwad has established, however, is that he is indeed the author of that pathetic attempt at email forgery. Once again, his dishonesty has been shown to be limited only by his incompetence.

So the real point of his ludicrous comment is to try to cover his embarrassment at being caught out in such an inept and transparent attempt at deception. Sorry, How-Old, but the cover-up was just as inept and transparent as the original gaffe. If he weren’t so contemptible, one could almost feel sorry for him.

Richard D. Benham said...

I have also received this:

Just ensuring you received my Thank you! for confirming that you are receiving my e-mails.

...and this:

So, you know Januarius and Berning, eh?

Interestingly, they come from <beaugars@mhcable.com>, an email address I have had cause to mention before. It serves as a reminder that Mr Wannabe is a wannabe “pretty boy” as well. One could sum him up succinctly as follows: he’s a wannabe human.

My response to his question is:

Yes, I know Januarius and Berning. Januarius is last month in Latin and Berning is what your arse will be when I finish kicking it. So fuck off and stop attempting to post your infantile comments to my blog.

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