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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Sorry, but it's interesting ... Expatriate Horne? Huh???

The tininess of the Vadney’s mind has just beeen illustrated yet again:
Sorry, but I can't resist posting a tidbit that is truly "extraordinary":
According to information from an unofficial source, Mr Scott Horne isn't even a 'real' Canadian living in Montréal but is an American expatriate. But why Canada? That's an interesting question but one for which we'll have to wait for an answer.
So let’s get this straight: Mr Horne may (or may not) be an American expatriate...and that’s “extraordinary”? There are over two hundred nationalities, and the possibility that some person may happen to have one of them is news? This is like the Vadney’s story that I had “dishonestly” given an Indonesian address when I was an Australian citizen.... I was actually living in Indonesia at the time, and made no representations about my citizenship. (I assume the Vadney was talking about my ProZ.com profile: there is no provision to include one’s citizenship or nationality there.)

We'll [sic!] go to the official sources for the facts.
But I'm really curious about my inquiries with the Department of Homeland Security and the Border Patrol and am wondering what they're going to come up with now that we [sic!] have this curious bit of intelligence.
Did I hear the word “intelligence”? The Vadney and his imaginary friend(s) have acquired some intelligence? That would be very heartening! Vadney and friend(s), however, don’t seem to be doing putting this new-found intelligence to much use if they think government agencies are going to give them private details of someone else’s citizenship. Doesn’t the fact that they first tried to interest these agencies in Mr Horne several (with a promise to keep the eagerly-awaiting world informed of their response) months ago tell them anything?

Usually, expatriates find somewhere culturally stimulating like Paris or the like or somewhere exotic like Bali. The only real expatriates we [sic!] usually hear of going to Canada from the USA are draft-dodgers or criminals who are attempting to escape apprehension.
People have all sorts of reasons for their choice of residence. It is not for lowlife fraudulent would-be translators like the Vadney to speculate about the motives of real people. But draft-dodgers? Is the Vadney aware that the US abolished the draft in 1973? How old does he think Mr Horne was then?

Would that perhaps explain Mr Horne's aliases: Patrick S. Horne a.k.a. P. Scott Horne a.k.a. Scott Horne?
Aliases? Since when does choosing one or other of one’s given names as principal given name constitute using an alias? How would it even help to disguise one’s identity?

I happen to have some information from “unofficial sources” myself: After being banned from the IoL fora, a certain Harold W. Vadney III re-enrolled under the “alias” of “William”, and when William got banned, he re-enrolled under the “alias” of “HWV”. This despite having been told not to post any further by the moderator Dina even before his first banning.

Now on the subject of criminality: I will spare you the vadney’s meanderings on the subjuct, and merely remark that the Vadney still has yet to produce one skerrick of evidence of criminality on my part, on Mr Horne’s part or on the part of any of the other targets of his venom. Nor has he even denied the obvious: that he himself is up to his neck in fraud, harassment and perjury.


Scott Horne said...

Of course I'm not going to divulge my personal information just because some despicable proven liar starts gossiping about me on his infantile Web site.

Scott Horne said...

I do wish to respond to the mention of so-called draft-dodgers, however. First, the term is a slur calculated to reduce principled opponents of the US invasion of Southeast Asia to shallow, self-preserving little worms like someone we all know. Although many of those who fled the Benighted States for more attractive shores (not just Canadian but also Swedish and even Vietnamese) during that era can indeed be accurately characterised as "draft-dodgers", many others cannot: some, such as the women, were not even eligible for the draft.

Second, I wish that Canada today had even a tenth the balls that it had in the 1970s. Far from embracing defectors from the Benighted States, Canada is refusing to grant political asylum to the various conscientious objectors who have fled Uncle Sam's military machine.

Richard D. Benham said...

Yes, I endorse those sentiments. I just wonder what significance a person’s nationality has to the actual issues here. The real issue here is whether or not Vadney lied about his credentials. This does not in any way depend on whether I live in Indonesia or Baluchistan, or whether you are a Canadian or a Monegasque citizen.

This obsession with irrelevant details is yet another admission on the Vadney’s part that he is totally in the wrong on the main issues.

Harold W. Vadney, Director, Operations said...

Begging to differ: The real issue here is that your goose is cooked, man. You have absolutely NO, ZERO, ZILCH credibility. Talk, talk, talk. Physically and intellectually ballooned! Cirrhotic dementia!

As the reports roll in, I'll keep you POSTED.

Take care, now.


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