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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Vadney’s commitment to quality and detail

A few years ago, Harold W. Vadney, apparently despairing of ever making it as a freelance translator, set up a “Career Development and Job-Search Website”. I would never have mentioned it, but he has recently thrown down the gauntlet: I will soon also be publishing details of the ownership of “his” home and any other information I can think of. But first things first....

Here is a quote from Vadney’s “Career Development and Job-Search Website”:
For an employer with a Second Millenim [sic] agenda and mission and who operates in diverse spheres of activity and who has global presence my many transferrable [sic] skills, education and training, and my commitment to quality and detail will add positive asset value to any position I accept.

Note the classic misspellings of millennium and transferable. Note, too, that the text dates from 2002, which is in the third millennium! That’s three bloopers in a single sentence in which he brags about his “commitment to quality and detail”! And yes, there were spell-checkers back in 2002!

While I’m here, there are two more points worth noting in this sentence. One is the turgid and diffuse style: “add positive asset value to” indeed! The other is the arrogance of the ending: “any position I accept”! Is it any wonder that, in the five years plus that that website was up, Mr Vadney never got an “acceptable” offer?


Scott Horne said...

Besides, the sentence is fundamentally ill formed. It would be acceptable as a sentence of semi-literate English if it were punctuated better. My best attempt to diagram the beast (diagramming sentences--now, there's something that we did 'way back in the second millennium!) yielded a nasty thicket of broken and solid lines precariously grafted onto the word employer.

Richard D. Benham said...

Yes, it’s all over the shop. I didn’t want to try the reader’s patience with the syntactic details given three such obvious bloopers.

Scott Horne said...

That "career development" site was downright pitiful. Mr Vadney admitted that he wanted to swap his allegedly thriving one-man company for a job.

I think that he should. Surely there's some sort of work that he could do competently. Whether employers would knowingly hire someone with his history of dishonesty is another matter.

Richard D. Benham said...

I note that the Vadney has said, in relation to this blog entry, “one wonders what inane, idiotic fantasies he's going to dredge up next”. Notice that he says “dredge up”, not, e.g. “dream up”. So he is admitting I found it rather than making it up.

Certainly Vadney’s dream of getting a job was an inane, idiotic fantasy.

Another quote from that “Career Development” site: “My basic tenet is: He who thinks 'overqualified' reveals a deplorable lack of vision; he also degrades me by implying I have little understanding of the fast-paced, demanding, and constantly changing world we live in.”

So hang on! An undistinguished BA is “overqualified”?! And Vadney’s preoccupation with the “new” (to him) words troll and sock-puppet, coupled with his obvious failure to understand the latter, clearly demonstrate he is struggling to keep up the the “constantly changing world we live in”.

Scott Horne said...

Mr Vadney certainly is not overqualified for the sorts of jobs that he was seeking on that Web site. (I have saved copies from two years.) He is decidedly underqualified.

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