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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

RIP Richard Bleezarde, publisher

It is with some sadness that I must report the passing yesterday of Mr Richard Bleezarde, late publisher of the Ravena News Herald. Mr Bleezarde had been sick for some time with a heart condition, and spent several months in hospital.

It is impossible to tell whether the stress of Harold William Vadney’s totally vexatious and frivolous multi-million-dollar lawsuits against Mr Bleezarde and his company hastened his decline, but we can be sure that the last months of Mr Bleezarde’s life, which can hardly have been pleasant, were unnecessarily worsened by the need to deal with them. As the judge found just over a week ago, Harold William Vadney’s case against Mr Bleezarde and his company was totally without merit and had no prospects of success. But Mr Bleezarde was still obliged, at a time when he should have been left in peace to finalize his affairs and take leave of his loved ones, to contend with Vadney’s grotesque manœuvrings and posturings, incurring large legal expenses. Shortly before his death, Mr Bleezarde was trying to sell his publishing business, presumably to pay his legal bills. So many sacrifices to the vanity, stupidity and cupidity of a vile and loathsome piece of subhuman lowlife trailer-trash garbage.

Harold William Vadney, hang your head in shame. You mercilessly pursued an innocent dying man with no motive but to gratify your own sick desire for self-glorification and the morbidly self-deluding hope of undeserved financial gain. It doesn’t get much lower than that. If your tinhorn piety is anything more than a shallow pretence to suck up to the gullible old ladies in your church, you’d better start praying that you are wrong. For you have no hope of redemption. Don’t count on a deathbed repentance, because repentance requires sincerity to be effective, and sincerity is one thing you can’t get away with faking.

Eternity is a rather long time to spend with a red-hot poker up your arse.

On a more practical note, don’t forget to bring your toothbrush to court today. Sometimes things move rather quickly.


Scott Horne said...

I am truly saddened by the death of Mr Bleezarde. Although Mr Vadney's vexatious and frivolous lawsuit against him was thrown out a few days before his death (if I understand correctly), it should never have been allowed to trouble an infirm and perfectly innocent man in the first place. Ex turpi causa non oritur actio—and nothing is more turpis than the vexatious and frivolous legal actions waged by Mr Vadney.

I extend my condolences to the Bleezarde family.

Richard D. Benham said...

How foolish of me to forget that. My condolences too go to Mr Bleezarde’s family.

Scott Horne said...

We need a better way to dispose of vexatious and frivolous lawsuits such as those filed by Mr Harold Vadney. The law is entirely too weak when it allows vexatious scoundrels to consume the time, financial resources, and peace of mind of respectable members of society by filing unmeritorious lawsuits against them. Perhaps some sort of triage would nip Vadneyite procedural harassment in the bud while still allowing lawsuits with a reasonable basis to proceed.

I recommend a motion to have Mr Vadney declared a vexatious litigant so that he will no longer be able to initiate any legal action without first obtaining the permission of a court.

Richard D. Benham said...

I think disposing of Mr Harold William Vadney would be a better solution.

Scott Horne said...

The court may well do so.

Richard D. Benham said...

Let’s hope so! It is too late to help Mr Bleezarde, unfortunately.

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